Festival (Necta)

Festival, fresh food feast

Festival is the smart solution for places needing to offer catering services 24/7. Not just a vending machine but a true automatic canteen. The extreme flexibility of configuration allows the user to choose among snacks, drinks, fresh dishes, fruit and yoghurt. The enhanced electronics of Festival offers an advanced machine and products management. Festival achieves the energy rating of A+ (EVA EMP 3.0 protocol) thanks to the excellent performances in energy saving.

24/7 complete catering service

  • Complete product offer: from non- alimentary goods to fresh food
  • Possibility to set the layout of each drum according to the location’s need
  • Products dispensed in a FIFO shopper mode
  • Possibility to stratify two temperatures inside the cell

Design and User Interface

  • New aesthetics with LED. lighting of the front panel and of the internal part of the cell
  • System of blinking LED. which
  • guides the user through the selection, payment and collection processes
  • Elegant black and silver aesthetics of the user interface area
  • Large LCD display 128×64 pixel New backlit FIFO shopper button

Electronics and Energy consumption

  • 16 bit electronics with 4 MB flash memory 
  • Possibility to manage up to 4 prices inside the machine and up to 4 price areas per disk
  • Advanced management of the expiry date of fresh products
  • Enhanced energy saving mode granting a lower energy consumption (class A+ according EVA EMP 3.0)