Summit 300

Bottle & Can Cold Beverage Merchandiser


Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) CompliantENERGY STAR® Rated Variety  of  package  sizes Motorized product delivery, electronically     controlled Guaranteed Delivery Sensor System MDB support for all industry standard interfaces (Satellite model uses host snack interfaces) Fully integrated controller with sales and accounting features:
  1. Price setbng by selection, row or machine
  2. Free vend mode
  3. Self-diagnostics
  4. Cash & transaction accountability Coupon & Token acceptance available with select bill and coin acceptors Eco-friendly R134a dosed refrigeration  system
2 year warranty – contact USI for

complete details 

Team the Summit 300 Satellite with Mercato 2000 or Mercato 3000 Snack  Merchandisers to service small locations or areas with limited space.  
Summit 300 Stand Alone / Satellite Cold Drink Vendor
Selections 6 Items
Standard 1207(355 ml) Can:  312    *2007 (591ml) Bottle  144
Capacities *2407(710 ml) Bottle: 144 *Capacities vary depending on packaging.
Selection Pricisg lcd vidual from $0 to $99.95
Payment s  stems All Industry standard coin & bi I MDS compat ble devices: Satel its payment threnghhnstssack
Requirements Domestic: 120 VACIBOHz., 4.0 AMPS lstnrnahnnal: 230 VAW5OHz3.0 AMPS
Dimensions Height 72(183 cmTf Widtr    21” (53 cmirueptti         357/16* (90 cm)
Shipping   Weight Stand Alone  530 lbs  (240.4 kg); Soteltite 475 ISa. (215.5 kg)
Retriteration Eneironmestally Frierdly t  3+ HP Sealed System w th R-134a Retr gerast
Standard Features Grey Sensor, Live Product Display, Eye Catching Sack Lighted Display
Options Estra 16.9ev tiller  250m1 kit, 500 ml kit, Custom Colors, Custom Graphics
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High Capacity I Double Depth Product Stacks

Fully adjustable doors allow for various product package sizes. Easily changed in field.        

Convenient Case Support Rack

Rest your beverage cases on this retractable support while filling

Lighted “Live” Product Display

Showcase lighting enhances impulse sales. Change selections in seconds.

Ultra High Intensity LED Display & Large Braille Identified Keys

Easy to read display shows credit and purchase information.

Guaranteed Delivery Sensor Equipped

Ensures customer always gets their product or money back.

Standard  Premium Electronic Coin & Bill Acceptor Systems

Accept $1-$5 bills & $1 coin standard with larger bill, coupon and token acceptance onoptional systems.

Credit/Debit card reader options

Accept all MDB peripheral devices.