GPT Aurora brochure


AURORA uses the high-performance power of Intel’s® 80C251 microprocessor to provide fast, reliable note recognition. Using GPT’s proven, patented RGBI optical technology, AURORA can validate currency from any country — no options to configure, no hardware to change. With its high capacity resident memory, AURORA can process up to 64 different notes in all four directions. AURORA’s advanced software databases ensure rapid recognition of more than 50 curriences worldwide. AURORA also allows multiple currency databases to be stored simultaneously! AURORA has been specifically designed for use within harsh, unattended and remote locations where reliability is of prime importance. The unit features a heavy-duty ABS plastic bezel, which is backed by a steel frame. Internally, the optical housings are sealed to protect the electronic components against liquid intrusion. The internal antistringing system uses GPT’s unique optical array to provide the highest possible security protection. In order to ensure reliable operation in the toughest environments, all sensors are constantly monitored and adjusted to accommodate the changing conditions, such as temperature, light, etc. All these features are provided within an industry standard envelope—meaning that AURORA can be easily installed into a multitude of applications.

Currency Validator

To ensure the note moves smoothly and evenly through the validator, AURORA features an all-plastic channel with a positive-drive mechanism. All sensors are optical (i.e., no mechanical flags or fingers are used), which seriously reduces the likelihood of notes jamming during transport. In addition, the optical sensors detect notes as they are inserted, rejecting those that are overly skewed. The lockable, removable cash box features an integrated drive system. This design ensures the note is positioned correctly for stacking regardless of its orientation. A new, innovative stacking mechanism stacks either paper or plastic notes swiftly and reliably. The optional Soft-Drop Analyzer (SDA), in the stacker, records each transaction as accepted or rejected. This information can be downloaded into accounting databases and used for management information purposes.

Technical Specifications

Unit Specifications

• Intel® 80C251 Microprocessor • 192K Flash for firmware and database • 8-Position DIP Switch to enable note denominations and other options • 24 VDC and 12 VDC power options • 250 ma @ 24 V Standby, 800 ma operational, maximum • Bill widths from 60-mm to 78-mm


• Patented RGBI optical scan technology provides positive note recognition and high security. • World Currency Validator with downloadable software database capabilities. • Advanced software for fraud detection. • Multi-Country Databases – up to 64 individual notes with four-way acceptance.
• Optical anti-string detection provides highest possible levels of protection. • Red and green bezel LED’s provide display of multi-diagnostic codes. • Modular design for use with or without stacker. • Liquid-Intrusion Resistant Design. • Integrated drive system for positivenote handling for up-stack or downstack applications. • Innovative stacking mechanism allows more notes to be stacked in a smaller space. • Secure, lockable cashbox. • Optional, patented SDA software, records all transactions in the stacker which can be quickly downloaded for accounting and Management Information purposes. Interface Capabilities• MDB and V2.2 built-in protocols • A2A or High Level protocols available as options • 12 VDC or 24 VDC built in; 24 VAC, 110 – 265 VAC optional

Environmental Factors

• Temperature: -15º to 65ºC • Humidity: 5 to 95% R.H. Non- Condensing