Venezia Collage Instant

Venezia instant is a top-quality model, whose design has been updated to create a more contemporary feel, while retaining the same great performance that users have come to expect. The incorporated Necta instant technology surpasses customer demands: creamy drinks from instant powders are served in just a few seconds, at the perfect temperature. With up to 5 canisters and 8 selections, Venezia Instant is the ideal quick coffee machine.

Reliable technologies for a perfect drink

Reliable Necta mixers and whipper assemblies

Good choice and excellent quality of dispensed drinks Great value for money model

Design and user interface

Essential design with collage aesthetics 8 direct selections with well readable labels Dispensing compartment easy to be accessed

Electronics and maintenance

Reliable 8 bit electronics Intuitive programming and setting Easy cleaning of the external superfaces


  • Version       Instant
  • User Interface     Direct selections
  • Cups capacity    500
  • No. of selections     Up to 8
  • No. of pre-selections   2
  • No.ofcanisters    5