Just push the button, take your drink and enjoy the experience

“…savour the full flavour of coffee brewed from fresh beans, a smooth freshbrew coffee

suitable for all day drinking or maybe a refreshing freshly brewed leaf tea…”

Bean to Cup Coffee

Fresh coffee made from ground beans


A short dark coffee…intense and aromatic/p>


A smooth long coffee made with espresso

Caffee latte

A long mild milky drink with a shot of espresso

Caffe Mocha

A milky coffee made with espresso and chocolate


A rich blend of milk and espresso topped with foamed milk

Freshbrew Tea

A thirst quenching leaf tea brewed to perfection

Cafe Culture

A great cup of coffee shared with friends, a frothy cappuccino as a treat or a delicious freshly brewed tea to quench a thirst? The versatile Genesis provides all of these delicious hot drinks around the clock along with a full range of speciality selections demanded by today’s discerning consumee.

Genesis delivers the perfect beverage…every time!
Technical DataHeight: 860mmWidth: 544mm Depth: 597mm Weight: 70kg Capacity: 230 cups Height includes visible bean contaniner Instant &>Double Freshbrew Height: 756mm Width: 544mm Depth: 597mm Weight: 70kg Capacity: 230 cups Electrical RequirementsVoltage: 220-240 ACCurrent:13 Amp fused Frequency: 50Hz Water Requirements Pressure: 200-600-kpa(2-6Bar) Supply: 15 mm BSP from rising main Base Cabined-Optional Height: 895mm width: 584mm Depth: 612mm N.B. Please allow 80 mm extra width on either side of the machine to enable door to be opended.


Instant(1) Instant(2) DoubleF/B(1) DoubleF/B(2) B2C B2C . Tea
Fresh Coffee (from Beans) .      
Freshbrew Coffee    
Freshbrew Tea      
Instant Coffee      
Decaff Coffee          
Instant Tea        
Double Espresso        
Caffe Mocha
Caffe Latte
Hot Milk      
Hot Water
Extra Milk/Sugar
No Cup Option
Double Freshbrew 1:
  • All speciality drinks aremade with freshbrew coffee
  • Cappuccino made with coffeeand cappuccino topping
Double Freshbrew 2:
  • All speciality drinks are made with instant coffee
  • capuccino made with coffee, milk and chocolate
B2C/B2C + Teo:
  • All speciality drinks are made with freshly ground
  • coffee beans
N.B. When ordering Genesis machines, Please ensure that the correct drink specification is configured at time of order.  A different drink specification cannor be retro-litted to Genesis machines.

Canister Capacities

Coffee Beans .1.8kg . 240 Cups
Freshbrew (1) . 0.55kg 130 Cups
Freshbrew (2) 1.0kg . 140 Cups
Freshbrew Tea 0.45kg . 90Cups
Instant Tea 0.363kg . 830 Cups
Chocolate 2.25kg . 130 Cups
Milk/Topping 1.4kg . 180Cups
Soup 2.25kg . 270 Cups
Sugar . 2.8kg 1075 Cups