Kikko Max

Kikko Max is the free standing vending machine with a 620 cup capacity and up to 7 canisters which complements the Necta Hot & Cold range. With a height of 1830 mm, it has been designed to stand alongside the similarly sized Snakky Max or Sfera machines. The Kikko Max works in a master/salve mode and utilizes a single payment system which provides “One-Stop-Shopping” and creates an appealing machine bank, ensuring the most user friendly and practical vending service available.


The 16-bit electronic control with incorporated flash EPROM is extremely flexible and complete, as well as being compatible with the PC application OlGA. This allows a palmtop to be connected, via an RS232 interface, to allow the automatic set-up of the machine as well as the downloading of sales statistics and data (also in EVA-DTS format). With GIGA it is also possible to have remote monitoring of the machine using GSM technology.


kikko Max is pre-set for the installation of systems with Executive, BDV

and MDB protocol as wel as for installation of validators.

At the same time, the following can be fitted:

  • Change-giver, validator or coin mechanism
  • Bill acceptor
  • Cashless system with key or card.
AccessoriesMechanical selections counter kitLid for coin box kit Cup sensor + cup station lamp kit Cup station lamp kit 2×20 litre water tanks kit Still cooling unit kit (for powders) Master/slave kit RS232 jact kit GSM kit
Espresso versionTo reach operating temperatureFor each hour of stand-by 100 wh 51.71 wh
Instant versionTo reach operating temperature For each hour of stand-by 174.1 wh88.7 wh
Cups(070-70mm) 620*
Stirrers(length 95/105mm) 550
Containers 6ES/7 IN
Espresso boiler 0.61
Instant boiler 21
Coffee beans 3.2 kg
Instant coffee 0.9 kg ES/1.2 kg IN
Chocolate 5.2 kg
Milk 2.6 kg
Tea 3.2 kg
Sugar 4 kg
*Adjustable feet: +10-10 mm
Height 1830 MM*
Width 540 MM
Depth 650 MM
Overall depth with door open 1120 v
Weight 126 kg ca.
power supply voltage 230 v
Power supply frequency 50 Hz
Installed power 1800 w
Water mains pressure(with 3/4″ gas male connection) 0.5 to 8.5 bar
*166 cc
KIKKOMAXES6(Espresso Unit+ 5 canisters( KIKKOMAXIN7 (7 canisters(
P re-selections
Sugar dosing
Bean coffee black
Bean coffee long
Bean café au lait
Bean coffee white
Instant espresso cottee
Coffee long
Café au lait
Coffee  white
Chocolate strong
Decaf/lnstant coffee black
Decaf/Instant coffee long
Decaf/Instant café at  lait
Decaf/Instant cappuccino
Lemon tea
Milk/Hot water
Cup only
No cup